Creative Icon Scott Bromley

Creative icon Scott Bromley is next in my series of interviews on ASPIRE HOME AND DESIGN, where I talk with talented friends across industries about how they’ve made it.  It’s all documented in stunning black and white photos shot by Maura Sullivan.  The photos and interviews can be found on ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME’s website.  Below talks more about how Scott and I know each other.

Creative Icon Scott Bromley

Scott Bromley is a legendary figure in New York. Just the fact that he designed Studio 54 would cement his place in history. There is not a single book or documentary about New York life in the 70’s that doesn’t feature Scott. He knew Warhol and everyone imaginable, and he was even photographed by Robert Mapplethorpe.

Creative Icon Scott Bromley Barry Goralnick Reeves Desk Lamp Currey
Scott Bromley & Barry at Bromley Caldari.
Reeves desk lamp for Currey & Co. Photo: Maura Sullivan

Scott is a great modernist architect and has designed over 60 homes on Fire Island alone.  He and his business partner, Jerry Caldari have run the gamut of projects from landmark buildings, restorations, and apartment buildings to a block-long rooftop farm in Long Island City.  

For years, I knew of Scott and saw him around, but I was too in awe of him to approach him (ironic, because he’s one of the most approachable people I know).  Then, years ago, I joined the Designers Collaborative, a group of 12 designers with successful firms who share all of our professional information, as well as our personal issues. Scott is a founding member, and I was thrilled to be in his company.

Scott Bromley Davy Desk Lamp by Barry Goralnick for Currey
Scott Bromley sketching at Bromley Caldari
Davy desk lamp by Barry Goralnick for Currey & Co.

Scott is a kind, thoughtful man, and he possesses a wealth of knowledge about architecture.  I never hesitate to call him or Jerry Caldari when I need advice.  Plus, Scott throws memorable parties – Valentine’s Day soirees and summer beach bashes at Fire Island Pines, just to mention a few.  And he makes a mean margarita, usually using something fresh from his garden.

It was so cool for me to sit and sketch with him in his office at Bromley Caldari for this photo shoot (did I mention that beyond his architectural drawings, he’s an amazing artist, too)?  Always an inspiration – I want to be Scott when I grow up – because Scott will never grow up.

Scott Bromley Barry Goralnick Reeves Desk Lamp for Currey
Scott and Barry sketching out the future.

Read my interview with Scott Bromley on ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME here.

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