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I recently redesigned the elevators at The Townsend Building at 1123 Broadway, which is a historic building in the NoMad neighborhood of Manhattan. Kew Managment featured this project on their website, which I include below.

The building was designed in 1896 and has Historic Landmark Status. There are great architectural details inside and out. I chose to draw cues from both the original structure and some of the changes that have occurred over the last 120 years.

You can see from the photos that there are many gorgeous details that remain.

Stair hall, facade and lobby of The Townsend Building at 1123 Broadway

The lobby walls are Calacatta marble, with gray accents and there are details in the floor of a copper colored stone. This is where I drew inspiration for the elevator materials. I interpreted this with a man-made product from Porcelanosa that will be extremely easy to maintain, as it is not porous like stone. There are elegant brass reveals that I used in between stone in the same manner.

Details from the existing lobby of The Townsend Building at 1123 Broadway

The design intent was not to replicate the past, but to create a bright, modern elevator that uses cues from the existing, yet feels fresh and new.

elevator, new york, historic buidlng, 1123 Broadway

The new elevators which have given this building a lift.

The article below from Kew Management explains more.

Barry Goralnick Gives the Townsend Building a Design Lift

Monday March 19, 2018
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