The (Fan)Joy of Living

Vanguard Furniture paired us with Fanjoy Labrenz, comprised of duo Sally Fanjoy and James Labrenz, to create a video introducing the Blended Modern collection. The result is a stylized piece that captures the spirit of the design intent.

We asked FanjoyLabrenz to convey the essence of the collection, evoking Hollywood relaxing in Palm Springs – a retro vibe with a modern filter and a dash of ethnic influence. We challenged them to avoid literal images of movie stars in order to capture the fresh, new perspective the collection offers.

I recently sat down to chat with Sally & James, and I asked them about their creative process.

BG: How did you artistically respond to our concept for Blended Modern?

S&J: From the start, we connected to BG’s eclectic design, since our own aesthetic is a mash-up of contemporary and 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s influences.  To us, it wasn’t a limitation, but a wide-open creative challenge.

BG: How did you create the memorable images you used in the video?

S&J: We have a collection of various objects that, in combination, perfectly illustrated the BG vision: that turquoise Motorola TV, an orange princess phone (we printed your logo for the center), a toy blimp, a collection of demitasse cups from Japan, a 50’s martini shaker, a lava lamp and more. The one thing we were missing was the iconic Olivetti typewriter,
and on the first trip to the Goodwill, there it was!

BG: How did you choose the point of view when shooting those vintage items?

S&J: We kept the shots tight and clean to allow the design to speak for itself, as does the BG Blended Modern collection.

BG: Give some insight into the the way you approach your work.

S&J: We are a team, we are visual thinkers, we love what we do. How can we create a still or moving image that speaks? How can this be the fullest expression of this time and place? How can we excite/provoke/engage?

BG: How do you make everything you create unique?

S&J: By starting every project with a beginner’s mind…
by wondering… wandering…
by  breaking at least one rule…
by doing more than what is expected.

Fanjoy LaBrenz Vanguard Furniture Spencer Huffman Goralnick

Sally Fanjoy and James Labrenz shot by Spencer Huffman

Sally and James are extraordinary artists and have had many exhibitions of their work. I asked them to choose a few favorites:

From the “Palimpsest” Series

Fanjoy LaBrenz Photography Barry Goralnick Vanguard Furniture

From the “Fluidity” Series

Fanjoy LaBrenz Photography Barry Goralnick Vanguard Furniture

From the “Fluidity” Series

Fanjoy LaBrenz Photography Barry Goralnick Vanguard Furniture

Fom the “Fluidity” Series

Photograohy, Fanjoy LaBrenz, Barry Goralnick

“From Shore ” Series

Fanjoy LaBrenz Photography Barry Goralnick Vanguard Furniture

“The Dove”


Fanjoy LaBrenz Photography Barry Goralnick Vanguard Furniture



You can see more of their work at:

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