New Yorke, New Yorke

A good desk is hard to find. I’m always in search of the perfect one for my projects. My wish list includes:
• something that is modern and airy
• has one drawer (since there is so little actual paper to store these days)
• looks great from every angle, so it can be floated in a room
• works well standing behind a sofa or anchored against a wall

I designed the Yorke desk for Ferrell + Mittman to fulfill all these wishes. From this design, they beautifully crafted a timeless piece.

As pictured below, the top is rosewood and the base is walnut, hand-made and hand-finished in North Carolina. With the Yorke’s design, there are almost infinite options of wood species, sizes, and finishes available. I can imagine this piece in anything from light cerused oak to walnut burl, anything you can envision. I am also looking forward to seeing it “grow up to be a dining table” soon.  The Yorke desk is exactly what I’ve been seeking.

Elle Decor‘s September Issue and Dering Hall agree.

8215 Yorke_Desk_Silo_Front_barry_goralnick_ferrell_mittman

Yorke Desk from Ferrell + Mittman

ElleDecorSep2016Cover ElleDecorSep2016pg1 ElleDecorSep2016pg2

The Yorke Desk is also currently featured in Dering Hall’s, 11 Well-Organized Home Offices.

For more details, go to Ferrell+Mittman.


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