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Last week, we went to the opening of the new installations of the Omi International Arts Center in the Hudson River Valley about two and a half hours north of New York City. A not-for-profit organization that provides residency programs for visual, literary, and performing artists, it’s home to the Fields Sculpture Park, Architecture Omi, and also offers arts and education programming to the public.

The 150-acre Sculpture Park houses more than 80 outdoor installations by an impressive array of different artists. Each year the park brings in about 10 new sculptures. Curator Bill Maynes gave us a private tour in his golf cart. It was a great way to see the pieces and hear their individual histories.

The visitor’s center and gallery—a wonderful design by F:T Architecture—is integrated beautifully into the site. Last fall we went to a wedding there, and it proved an Arcadian setting.

Robert Grosvenor, “Untitled,” 1968; aluminum over steel

Richard Nonas, "Smoke," 2009

Bryan Hunt Cloak of Lorenzo 1981 Bronze and limestone

Bryan Hunt, "Cloak of Lorenzo," 1981; bronze and limestone

Jonathan Seliger, “Grand Carriage,” 2008-2010; automotive enamel on aluminum
Willard Boepple, “John Deere’ 1978, Steel

Lauren Ewing, "Decoy" 1991 Lead/Steel

Visitor's Center by F:T Architecture and Interior Design

Interior View of Visitor's Center

Artists Listings:

Robert Grosvenor

Richard Nonas

Bryan Hunt

Jonathan Seliger

Willard Boepple

Lauren Ewing

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