Design Diary: Sheetrock of Ages

So many people have been asking how the Project is going on the Upper West Side that I thought I’d share some progress pictures. We are on schedule and problem free–so far.  Mark, the construction manager, and Dan, his job captain, have been great to work with and are able to see any potential problem before it happens, which is invaluable.

Frank Gehry was my instructor at school, and the angled ceiling panels above the living area are something of an homage to him. I was freshly inspired by his New World Center in Miami, which I had just visited when I started working on this project.

The panels float free of the 15 and 1/2 foot ceiling, and clerestories on either end give you a sense of endless space flowing from one room to another.

Ceiling detail where the living room meets the bedroom

Soffit meets floating ceiling

Clerestories alove the main rooms allow complete visual connection

The HVAC, plumbing, and electrical are all done, and the workmen have been sheet-rocking for a  couple of weeks. Next week we are expecting the new sliding doors, and the wood floors will be coming soon after.

The ceiling in the foyer floats off the wall. And all the walls float off the floor.

I’m waiting for the shop drawings for the cabinetry, and the kitchen will be shipped from Italy in June. It’s exciting to see these elements come together.

Since we’ve had such great weather, the garden is substantially done. It’s turned into a serene private park; the grasses in the center will all grow together into a carpet of green. The owner has a wonderful wall sculpture to install, and we’ll be adding furniture too. It promises to be a unique oasis in Manhattan.

Garden view from the living room

The 10-foot mirror in the garden makes it seem even bigger.


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