Oh, What a Beautiful Morning. . .

One of my favorite things on a project is selecting the bathroom fixtures and fittings. Rona Goodman at the AF Supply showroom in Manhattan is my “go to person.” There are so many new products on the market, and even though I read the shelter and trade magazines, Rona helps keep me current. I think it’s very important that the client sees the faucets and other fixtures in person, touches them, experiences how they feel in the hand, checks out the finishes. The AF Supply showroom is well laid out and a great place to do all this, so the client met me there to examine everything and make the final selections.

Before construction, I met with the Rona and the contractor to review all the technical requirements, sizes, plumbing needs, mounting instructions, and so on. I find this very helpful and it eliminates many potential problems down the road.

In a renovation one always makes discoveries. Every millimeter of storage is premium in New York, so we annexed a few extra inches here and there in order to gain maximum stowage space if we make custom medicine chests. We also realized that it would be better to choose a narrower tub than the one we’d originally selected. The new choice is a gorgeous tub from a German company called Kaldewei.

The lights, Inner Fire pendants from Tech Lighting, are hung low from the ceiling just above the sink. That provides better light than if they were 10 feet overhead where they’d create deep shadows on the face. There is additional recessed lighting in the room and over the shower.

As the apartment is so sleek and modern we chose fixtures that will complement the decor. We have ordered the following:

Chrome faucet from Gessi

Vanity from Wet

Sink from Wet

Steel Enamel Tub from Kaldewei

Toto Toilet

Pendants from Tech Lighting

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