Design Diary – The adventure begins

The clients were able to purchase the additional 22 feet of corridor, and closed on the apartment. Now the fun begins.

The proposed plan we did is perfect for their needs so we can begin the process of design development and figure out what  this space will look like.

We  are going to do some probes to determine where the ceiling is dropped and what is in there. We would ideally like to open up the exterior walls with transoms above sliding glass doors in the living room.

I stopped into Robin Reigi, a materials source for new materials that is available only to designers. I got some great ideas. One of them is gorgeous birch flooring that is as white as a stained floor can get.

Heirloom Birch Floor


Each board is air dried for over a year before being placed in “small batch” kilns allowing them to reach the optimum moisture content. It’s FSC, reclaimed and old growth material that is all locally available within 500 miles of New York City. I chose a pale white stain and 7″ side boards at 6 foot lengths. This product performs extremely well over radiant heat, which is a good solution for a space with such high ceilings.

This will give the apartment a light and airy look.


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