Design Diary – Should they buy the apartment?

To decide if we were going to proceed with the sale, I sketched up some ideas for redesign. The space isn’t that large and there is a long list of requirements to be met.

Workable kitchen- they look to cook

Two offices – one for each of them

They wanted the offices to face the view of the garden

Lots of storage – they have a lot of clothes

Dressing area – makeup area with running water to rinse brushes

Grille – Mr. Client loves to barbeque

Guest Room – they have lots of friends, family including small grandchildren

Room for art – they have wonderful and adventurous taste in modern art

Room for the upright piano

Good space inside and out for entertaining

The client found the original plans before the current owner combined the units. So I knew where the plumbing risers and structure were located


Existing Plan of Apartment


Proposed Design PlanOriginal Plan of Apartment before the combination

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